Fantastic food and where to find them: Amsterdam

Lately I feel like I am already living an old lady’s life, because I always find myself reminiscing about the past – all the fun that I had when my stress level was lower, and when life was more carefree.  And one of those fun things that I still cannot get over, is that awesome trip to Amsterdam in June 2017. So instead of replaying the images in my head, I thought I’ll share them here with you all on this place called the internet. LOL. Is anyone even reading this? Hello…

This post will be about my favourites among all of the places I ate while in Amsterdam. As usual, this is only my opinion, but I hope it will help some of you if you’re planning a trip to the city? Perhaps? And there will be a post about the places I visited, so if you’re interested in that, stay tuned!  (Update: it’s here!)


more about this first solo trip



CT Coffee & Coconuts

This trip as a whole was bomb, and this cafe is definitely one of the highlights.  A nicely refurbished café occupying what used to be a cinema built in the 1920s, CT Coffee & Coconuts came as a lovely surprise.   I really liked the ambience of the café, it’s really relaxing and laid back, and I wish I could stay there all day, if only I did not have any plans for the rest of the day.  I began my day here with a delicious breakfast, which was an overnight buckwheat porridge made with coconut water and topped with fresh fruit, along with some coconut coffee (because why not, when you’re at a restaurant named ‘coffee & coconuts’), and my day was off to a good start.  As I’ve said before, I would just move to Amsterdam for this café if I could.  It has been on my mind ever since the visit, and I am still looking forward to the day I go back when I find myself in Amsterdam again…


CT Coffee & Coconuts

Address: Ceintuurbaan 282-284, 1072 GK Amsterdam




Just a café I stumbled upon while en route to my hostel, where I stopped by for a quick breakfast the day after.  Although it’s facing the main road, I found this a quite relaxing spot.  It’s actually quiet inside, and it’s not too crowded, so it’s a great place to have coffee and pastries.  I had a pain au raisin and coffee for breakfast, which I really liked.  I think they do have a bigger menu for lunch and dinner, which I am willing to try the next time I find myself in the city. 🙂


bakhuys amsterdam


Address: Sarphatistraat 61, 1018 EX Amsterdam



Café-Restaurant de Plantage

I thought I would just treat myself to a nice dinner on the last full day, to mark a so-called perfect ending to this first trip by myself.  I found this restaurant after some googling, and it did not disappoint.  The irony is that the restaurant is part of the ARTIS Zoo, yet I’m not a big fan of animals and wildlife…

Anyhow, Cafe-Restaurant de Plantage is a beautiful restaurant within the boundaries of the ARTIS Zoo.  Not only the the interior is nicely designed and furbished, the big windows allow natural light even when you’re inside.  Since I didn’t have a big appetite, I only had a main dish, which was ‘Tian of eggplant, zucchini and roasted pepper with pumpkin cream, black olive tapenade, oyster mushrooms and basil’, aka a plate of vegetables.  But I liked it!  The veggies tasted really fresh and flavoursome, and it did not taste bland at all.  One thing to note is that I noticed the tables got filled up fairly quickly on a weekend evening, so if you have a big party it might be a good idea to reserve in advance.

Address: Plantage Kerklaan 36, 1018 CZ Amsterdam



Winkel 43

Winkel 43 is a cosy café famous for its apple pie, so I thought it’s perfect for a breakfast!  As I was approaching, there was already a queue outside.  But fortunately it wasn’t long until it was my turn to order.  It was a rainy Saturday morning, and I sat down at one of the tables outside (because the indoor tables were already full) with my apple pie and some hot tea, which was the perfect combination.  Sweet apples with a hint of cinnamon, and a crunchy crust, it was unlike any apple pie I’ve ever tasted.  Plus it’s gigantic!  It’ll keep you full for a long time.  This was one of my favourite meals on the trip, it gave me a homey feeling that I never had.  I guess this is the Dutch comfort food that I never knew I needed?  Also there’s a farmer’s market just outside, so it might be worth taking a trip to Winkel 43 on a Saturday.

Address: Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam



Vinnies // Gartine // Kessens

If you can’t tell already, I have this thing for small independent joints (more specifically, mostly cafés and brunch spots).  Since it’s been over nine months since the trip, and I didn’t bother taking pictures of every single meal because most of the time I would rather tuck in right away, I don’t remember all the details about each dish.  But what I do remember is that the lunches I had at these three joints tasted really great.  These meals (and all the other meals in general) were made with really fresh ingredients, especially the veggies were sweet and crisp, which I absolutely loved.

kessens amsterdam sandwich

kessens amsterdam

Among these three joints, my favourite one was probably Gartine.  Not to mention that they use locally sourced produce and even homegrown ingredients, I found the place the cosiest among the three, and perhaps one that has the most homey and intimate feeling to it.  It was late lunch hour on a weekday when I went, and the place was still packed with diners, yet it did not feel hectic at all.   The fact that it’s tucked away in a quiet alley in the busy shopping area makes it even more charming.  What makes Gartine one of my favourite places in Amsterdam is the amazingly friendly and attentive staff!



Address: various locations




Address: Taksteeg 7, 1012 PB Amsterdam




Address: Rozengracht 24, 1016 NC Amsterdam




Foodhallen is the first indoor food market in the Netherlands, which occupies a building where it used to be a tram depot.  Maybe not the best spot for solo traveller with a small appetite (me), because there were so many food stands to choose from.  It would have been perfect for a group meal, where everyone get a whole bunch of dishes from all the stalls, and would share and sample each of them.  Oh, did I tell you there was a huge variety of cuisines to choose from?  You’ll find more international/multi-cultural options here, so if you feel like something different, Foodhallen is the place to go: Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, French, Mexican, Spanish, Middle-Eastern, and many more.  I really enjoyed my Banh Mi.

foodhallen amsterdam

Address: Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT Amsterdam




I wish I could have tried more places, if only this trip was planned better.  I cannot wait to revisit some of these places, and try new ones the next time I find myself in the city again!  Because even nine months later, I still think about some of them now and then, and I keep finding new joints that look so appealing.

For your convenience, here is a map of all the places I liked in Amsterdam.  Both the restaurants/cafés and museums/places to go are there!



Don’t forget to watch this space for the next Amsterdam post!  See you soon and have a lovely day!

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  1. Winkel 43 has the best apple cake in all the land – and possibly my favorite cake in the world which is saying something since I’m a chocolate girl. If the lines are too long you can also take it to go!

  2. Ohhhh yumm! I’ll be visiting Amsterdam soon and I will definitely check some of these places. That Dutch apple pie from Winkel 43 left is mouthwatering!! Thanks for sharing 😀

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