HERE COMES MY FAVOURITE MONTH!  We can finally countdown for Christmas!

It has been a week since December started (yes I know, but I’ve been busy lately…)  Anyway.  As the month of Christmas is finally here, it is the best time to write a post on even more Christmas things in London.

I visited Winter Wonderland recently.  It was really packed with other visitors, but I could really feel the Christmas atmosphere there.  It was really excited!

Speaking of December, I am going back to Hong Kong very soon!  I miss the food there so much, and my family, my friends, my bed, chillax for real without worrying and blaming yourself for that because you have coursework…
As it is also the last month of the year of 2014, it the almost the right time to do a little reflection of the year!  Time really flies innit?
And speaking of coursework, I still have an essay due in a few days… but I will update with anything new and exciting!  And of course everything that happen back home!  So until next time…
À bientôt xx

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