Discovering Christmas in London

I was at the M&M’s World the other day, with 2 friends who came down all the way from Loughborough.  While they were so excited seeing the special coloured (and expensive) M&M’s by the walls, suddenly I heard Michael Bublé’s version of White Christmas playing…

I was like.  OMG this is one of my favourite Christmas songs!  I got so hyper and started to sing along!  (yes that’s how crazy I can be even in the public) Although I have been seeing all the Christmas lights everywhere for a couple of weeks, that was the moment when I actually realised that – hey, Christmas is actually coming!

Some background info here: I grew up in an environment with a lot of Christianity stuff around me, so Christmas has always been exciting for me, and it is a big deal in my family.  It has also been a time when I really have fun, relax, and have a good meal with my family and friends (shh, we all know that it’s the school holiday that has been making everything perfect, *wink*). What Christmas actually means to me now is a time when people spend time with their loved ones and families.  Speaking of which, I will be going home back to Hong Kong for Christmas to see my family!

Yeah, I know my excitement is probably too early, since Christmas is not until next month.  But you know it is difficult not to be thrilled by all the decorations that have already been set up around the city!  Here are some photos that I took and would like to share! 🙂

Carnaby Street
Oxford Street
 Regent Street
Covent Garden
Somerset House

Southbank Centre

It’s so pretty isn’t it? I’m starting to feel the festive mood already!

I’ll update with anything interesting and exciting that I happen to come across.

Until next time, à bientôt xx

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