The most beautiful tube station

The first Tube adventure starts in Gants Hill, a station on the Central Line in the borough of Redbridge.  According to Wikipedia, Gants Hill is the easternmost station that is entirely underground on the Tube system.

gants hill tube station

Because I was about to go to Central London, I thought I would go out half an hour earlier just to take the tube to Gants Hill, and finally go to where I needed to go. I’m not telling you because I’m too lazy to go out another day so I’m doing everything in one day… 


Gants Hill is actually quite a special station.  It is obviously quite old, just like most of the tube stations.  But since the architect, Charles Holden, was a consultant for the Moscow Metro, the station was inspired by many Russian stations.  And you can tell from the ceiling.  I haven’t been to Russia but the ceiling resembles the communist stations I saw in photos of Russia and North Korea.

gants hill station

It is quite distinct from other tube stations.  Maybe it is because of the time of the day, the station is almost empty.  Different from other central London stations, I actually felt quite tranquil when I was at the station.  And of course when there are fewer people, it is easier to take nicer photos. 😉


I know there are so so so SO many other unique stations on the London Underground network.  Let me know what’s your favourite station by commenting below, so I can pay a visit too! 🙂

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…and have a lovely day!

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  1. Ohh that’s pretty! It’s so bizarre to see an empty underground station – it is always packed with people in London !
    I also blogged about London, check it out if you like 😊

    1. Thank you! It was actually kind of nice to be away from the hustle and bustle in central London stations haha. I read your London blog post just now and I can totally relate to the things you wrote! 😀

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