A Winter Afternoon in Greenwich

The weather was really nice last weekend!  The sun was out, it wasn’t that cold as it has been for the past few days.  I’ve always wanted to revisit Greenwich, and last weekend was the best time to be there!

The last time I went there was around 10 years ago, with my parents when I was still a little girl.  All I can recall was going up to the Royal Observatory, having my picture taken standing on the Meridian Line…that’s pretty much it really.

I took the DLR train from Bank station to Cutty Sark.  I have to say…I really love London!  When the train made the turn after Westferry Station to West India Quay…it is a whole different picture.  From the old neighbourhoods to the new and posh financial district.  It is just amazing how there’s a big difference within such a short distance.  And of course there are sociological/geographical issues like gentrification and urban development…(which I am not gonna talk about here, this is not one of my geography essays 😛 )  This perfectly shows the diversity of London, which is one of the reasons I enjoy being in this city.

At Canary Wharf station while waiting for my friend.  Really love how modern this station is compared with other train stations in London (especially District Line stations)!

Anyhow, the main purpose of coming to Greenwich is actually for Greenwich Market!  I’ve heard about the market for a long time, and I finally paid a visit.  On a Saturday afternoon it was actually quite packed, but definitely better than the situation at Borough Market – when I went there last time, I could barely walk without feeling annoyed because the people weren’t moving at all and just stuck in there…

I haven’t been to Borough Market for a while (almost 4 months), so I can’t REALLY recall the stalls over there.  But here in Greenwich, there is a wide variety of cuisines you can find – Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Mediterranean, and British…you name it.

Wave if you are a fan of healthier food!  I remember one of the stalls sell vegan baked goods , which I didn’t have the chance to try – but sure I will!  Other than that, there are a lot that I missed, such as ramen burgersmini pancakespaninissamosas……….

Medium Paella (£6)

Hola Paella

I don’t think I’ve ever had Turkish food before until today – my attention was caught by this stall with the sizzling sounds and smell.  I had this lamb wrap (£5) , and I loved it!  The minced lamb and other spices offered a very exotic flavour, and fresh lettuce and rockets balanced the spiciness of the lamb.  Overall, I should say that this wrap is a new try for me, one that I am really satisfied with.

I cannot finish a meal without having something sweet.  We then headed to the churros stall nearby.

Churros – half & half (£2.5)

The churro was a combination of crunchiness and chewiness.  The ‘half & half’ filling, which is a mix of chocolate sauce and homemade ‘dulce de leche’ (something like a caramel sauce).  To be honest, the filling was a bit too sweet for me, but the plain flavour of the churro just balanced it perfectly.  Bonus point goes to the freshly made churros!  The stall owner was making them while we were queuing, so it was still warm when we got it – perfect for this weather!  Oh by the way, they are in Camden Market too!

Brazilian Churros on Facebook

After all the food that we had, we really gotta walk those calories off (if that actually helps though, 😛 ).

The Royal Observatory was our last stop before making our way back to the DLR station.  This (almost) sunset view is absolutely stunning!

The afternoon in Greenwich was really enjoyable and relaxed.  I think during that afternoon I forgot all the assignments and many other things that I need to do.  I was just enjoying the scenery and the atmosphere that surround me!  I would love to live here if I have the chance to in the future.  Because I didn’t feel like I was in London, but almost like a small country town far away from the urban hustle.  Yet it only takes half an hour to get to Charing Cross.  I would definitely come back again for the market – more food, and I need to check those other stalls out!  And maybe when the weather gets warmer, I might come over to Greenwich for a picnic? 🙂

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