My egg tart is bigger than yours!

I’ve had fun being at home, chillin’, meeting up with friends and family, that’s what holiday is for innit? 🙂

But fun times always fly by, in less than 2 weeks I’ll be flying back to England 🙁 NO…I want holidays forever and stay home forever……..


If you know me well enough personally, you might know that my mum is VERY good at cooking.  From cooking dishes to baking cakes/cookies/breads/macaroons…just many things!  So I took this opportunity to learn something from her.  Few days ago I was just making some brown bread with her, and it turned out quite good!  Neither of us have made brown bread before, but I insisted…so yeah!  Here it is, and these breads are delicious… yum!

Apart from baking with my mum, I also used my creativity to create something new!  I’ve been craving for this amazing traditional Hong Kong afternoon tea snack – EGG TARTS – for an incredible loooooong time.  Here is a pic of the ones I made last year…

Egg tarts should be really small, about the size of your palm.  But this time I made a MEGA version of it…here it goes…
LOOK how much bigger it is!!!!! It tastes DELICIOUS as well, somehow I think it tastes better than the smaller ones!  Although it was a lot of work, but it was all worth it! 🙂 And I am very happy with it.  It somehow looks like a lemon tart as well…
Oh one more thing…this year has been a very sad year for the aviation industry.  5 major accidents in a year!  I don’t want to fly back to the UK anymore…(just kidding! haha)  My prayers go to everyone who is affected by the Air Asia accident.  May all the victims rest in peace.
This is probably my last post before 2015.  I wish you all a very happy new year!

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