Hong Kong – early January

A very belated happy new year to everyone!

I spent the first 2 weeks of 2015 in Hong Kong.  Just going to different places and meeting up with friends, and enjoyed spending time with my family.  Here are pictures of my journey in HKG…

Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
The Peak – the stunning signature view of Hong Kong
Sweet Tooth – Waffles with Tiramisu
Sweet Tooth is a dessert place, and the types of dessert that they have are the sort of ‘creative’ kinds – as opposed to the traditional Chinese sweet soups.  When I looked through the menu I just could NOT decide what to order – everything looks so delicious and tempting!  They have a variety of desserts, apart from waffles, they have ice creams, toast boxes, pancakes, puddings, jellies, and MANY MORE!
Sweet Tooth on Facebook
Riding the tram on Hong Kong Island is always a good way to have a look of the city.  Not only it is a cheap transport (HKD$2.30 = less than £0.20), the tram runs from the west to the east side of the island, which passes through the old residential neighbourhood, the CBD, the shopping district, and possibly the gentrifying/gentrified part of the inner cities.  When I was on the tram the other day, I came across this old traditional pawn shop.  The architectural style of the building is rare, since old buildings are often demolished and replaced by new buildings…and the neon light sign is very classic as well. (Let’s not go into the detailed history here…haha!)
Lab Made ice cream
Lab Made sells ‘lab made’ nitrogen ice creams.  The one above is the ‘Chinese Beancurd Dessert’ flavour.  It tasted EXACTLY like the dessert (below).  I LOVED it so much.
(Image credit – http://sweetheartkitchen.com/recipes/beancurd-sheet-sweet-soup/)
Lab Made has loads of creative ice cream flavours!  I remember I had an ice cream last Halloween that looks like a gravestone – obviously it was a biscuit!
Lab Made on Facebook 
Hainanese Chicken Rice – Sai Kung
This is one of the best Hainanese Chicken Rice in Hong Kong!  Usually the rice is VERY VERY OILY (as you might know it is cooked with chicken fat).  But I reckon this one did not cook with that much chicken fat, and the dried shallots on there match with the whole dish very nicely as well.  This is a very decent price ($45; approx. less than £4)
Seorae – Korean BBQ
Seorae is originally from Korea.  They opened their first restaurant in Hong Kong in early 2014.  It is a very traditional and classic style of Korean barbecue.  Although it is a bit pricy (around £20 per person), but it is the best Korean BBQ I’ve had so far!  I went there with a friend during peak hours (6-7pm) and we had to wait for 1.5 hours for a table, but it was SO WORTH IT.  We ordered 3 plates of meat and a big bowl of bibimbap rice.  Don’t forget the bottomless lettuce and egg!  A week after I’m back in the UK, and even thinking about it now…I am so hungry right now…it is so unforgettable.  I swear I will go there again when I go back to Hong Kong!!!!
View of the Victoria Harbour from the restaurant
The Steak House winebar + grill
This was probably the most expensive meal I’ve had during the 4-week holiday.  I went to the steak house at the InterContinental Hotel with my family.  We had a nice view of the Victoria Harbour from where we were sitting.  Apparently they are the ‘first and only charcoal grill in Hong Kong’.  This rib eye steak I had was really tender and juicy.  The ambience in the restaurant is very relaxed as well!
I wanted to include a map here to show the places I’ve been to, but I had trouble adding it here 🙁 I’ll figure out how to make it work asap!
(19/04/2015 update: I’ve put a map of locations I’ve been to/mentioned on my blog, go check it out here!)
Oh how I miss Hong Kong…where you can find good food with a cheap price!  Apart from food, it has been a really good holiday back home with my family and friends.  But now that I’m back in the UK, I look forward to explore other parts of London, and of course the rest of the country as well!  I’ll keep you all updated.  

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