Nostalgic moments | not a big fan of thrill rides…

I was never a big fan of roller coasters.  Nor drop towers.

Today I’ve been out with my friends to Ocean Park – the famous amusement park located in the south of Hong Kong.  It has always been a childhood memory.  I remember going there with my dad when I was about 8, and been on the very first ‘scary adult’ ride.  I also recall the part where I used to love the tiny train carts so much that I had to be on it all the time!  Man that was some precious childhood moments…ANYWAY.  The last time I was there was almost 5 years ago on a school trip!  So it has been a while really.

We got the ticket for $290 (approx. £24) at the ticket office located at Admiralty MTR station, $30 (£2) cheaper than the price at the entrance of the amusement park.  Then we headed to the bus terminus to get the bus to the park!  It was an approximately 20 minutes bus ride, and we got there (YAY!)!


After we went into the amusement park, my attention was immediately caught by a huge Christmas tree!  It was so pretty!

While we made our way to the cable car station, we walked through one of the themed areas of the amusement park – ‘Old Hong Kong’.  Basically it is a section that aims to ‘bring back the old memories of Hong Kong from the ’50s to the ’70s’.  I would say this is actually very impressive!  We didn’t spend much time there, and the shops weren’t opened, so its a shame…

They have loads of different exhibits and decorations that really show how Hong Kong looked like in the old days in a nutshell.  According to the park’s website they are supposed to have rickshaw rides too, but obviously we didn’t see that at all…

So yeah!  What did we do instead of looking at the ‘Old Hong Kong’?  YES – the exciting rides!!

There are 4 roller coaster rides in the park in total, and so many more other rides too!  I didn’t take many pictures because I was really excited about going to the park with my friends.  They knew I’m not a big fan, so they kept persuading me to ride on the roller coasters.  At the end I rode on 2 not-so-scary ones, and it turned out to be quite fun!  I actually enjoyed the rides.

You may ask…its Ocean Park…so where is the ‘ocean’ bit?

I was never a big fan of roller coasters.  Nor drop towers.

YES – it is what I’m just about to talk about.

Apart from all the rides, they do keep quite a lot of animals in Ocean Park!  The most famous ones probably the PANDAS, but the others include like birds and a few other sea creatures.  They also have a few aquariums in Ocean Park.  They have like sharks, penguins, as well as the Chinese Sturgeon, one of the endangered species.  To be honest I’m not a big fan of marine ecosystems, but if you are, then you should visit them when you come to Ocean Park next time!  When I was on the school trip few years ago, we were actually being taught about the ecosystems!  So I feel that apart from earning the money from our tickets, they actually do quite a lot of stuff on education as well.


As the night fell, we were exhausted…so here are a few pictures that I took…

The 2 pictures above were taken when we were on the cable car back to the main entrance.  The night view is actually quite stunning I would say! 🙂

AND of course my favourite – CHRISTMAS TREE WITH THE LIGHTS ON!!


We ended our day with sushi.  I’ve missed sushi so much!  Yo Sushi gave me a bad impression of sushis in the UK, and I still haven’t found the sushis that I like + worth for the money yet.  So I tend to have them every time I come back to Hong Kong – it is much cheaper!

Apart from going out and having fun, I went to the government headquarters few days back.  As you might know that the Umbrella Revolution has ended few days ago as the police cleared the occupied areas in the city, a few people still remained outside the government headquarters.  Since I’ve been away from Hong Kong when the revolution took place, I felt really bad for not witnessing this historical moment.  So I decided to walk there and just looked for what is remained…
Some political stuff here…
I believe in democracy.
I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to write another post before Christmas day!  And thank you very much for visiting my blog.  Make sure you follow me on Twitter for updates, and I wish you a very merry Christmas!

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