One year in London: a lil’ reflection

When: 29/05/2015

Where: Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

This moment marks the end of the first year of my uni life, and the end of my first year living in London.


As I’ve said on my about page, I still think that my decision of choosing a London university is one that I’ll never regret.  This year has been really fun!  From the beginning of the year – the anxiety of entering a new stage of my life, of going to uni and living in an unfamiliar city – to now that I’ve visited new places in this beautiful metropolis, and finally found my way around the 11 lines of the tube, it has been a long process.  This process could have been a pain.  But thankfully I’ve met friends who also love to wander around and travel, just like me.  This is something that I really have to be grateful for.  Thank you to everyone I’ve met this year in uni, without you guys my life would never be the same, you guys rock 🙂


In this year, I’ve seen green spaces in unexpected places, admired beautiful sunsets and stunning nights, tried amazing gourmets, been to cliché touristy areas, and discovered unknown neighbourhoods.  Of course there is A LOT MORE places that I have yet to visit.  That’s why I’m definitely coming back in September – to visit new things in the city!  (And yes I need to finish my degree – so 2 more years…)

So here I am, eating my yoghurt, tapping away on my laptop, waiting to board my flight back home, cannot wait to see my family in 12 hours!  I’m also excited to hang out with my friends that I haven’t met for ages, since we are pretty much everywhere around the world (the US, Canada, Australia).  I’m also preparing myself to explore new places in Hong Kong.  While I’m going to spend a (hopefully) relaxing summer at home, I also look forward to coming back to the UK to start another year of adventures. I’ll be updating with my recent adventures in London (the usual jet lag routine 😛 ), as well as the upcoming bits and bobs in Hong Kong.

Thank you for all the support! 

Till next time, bye for now 🙂

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  1. I love London too. I’ve been there “just because” many times, usually from Scotland. It rains a lot more in Scotland than in London, and those umbrellas wouldn’t stand a chance in Scotland. I love the colors. They remind me of the many colorful and creative things I saw while visiting London. I especially enjoyed just walking. No car needed!

    In my opinion, that’s how you really catch all the native goodies. Thanks for sharing such beautiful images and recollections.

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